What is HelpVecino

The HelpVecino app we are currently developing is entirely altruistic in nature. Our goal is not in any way shape or form to “capitalize” on the current crisis but on the contrary, to provide support to all those who are in need as a result of it.

The HelpVecino app, its use, functionalities, and advantages are free for all and will remain free for all at all times. We have stated it so in our web and we will highlight it on the app description prior to its download.

We created the app to selflessly help those in need in these dire times.

It is meant to provide a way to connect those in need of help with generous people close to them who are willing to help.

It is meant to enable a free and voluntary service between neighbors, to learn about their predicament and help them in their needs.

Prior to granting access to the location of neighbors in need of help we make sure their email address, phone number and other data required are valid.

We proceed in the same way with the volunteers, whom we plan on contacting in advance, checking the validity of their profile and data provided and ascertain whether they have a genuine interest in helping others for free.

In order to access the app they will be required to provide us with their real data which we will check in advance.

Anyone volunteering to help their neighbors will undergo a screening process after submitting his/her data prior to be granted access to the geolocation of those neighbors in need of help.

We have designed very precise terms of use we require everyone to sign, providing their ID, thus exonerating from any responsibility.

We do not aim to make a profit from this App in any way. We wish only to let those in need of help from neighbors close by and willing to provide it freely and without any compensation to experience its benefits.

Although we have no plans to monetize this app, we do contemplate applying for public support for its development, translation and diffusion in the various countries that may find it useful.

Rest assured we will be observant of the confinement measures put into place in the various countries affected, and the appropriate clause will be added to our terms of use in that respect.

The concept for this app came from my niece Lola who, coming from a family that lives dispersed in several places both in Spain and around the globe, is familiar with the importance of keeping in touch and upon learning of the decease of a close neighbor in solitude these days, realized the current crisis requires a similar approach to that of her family.

Helpvecino is only made to help the neighborhoods. Is is altruistic and it is not related to pandemic. I have the idea when I have noticed that my neighborhoods, a 80 years couple, have death alone because nobody knew that they were ill. So, I realize that we need to help our neighborhoods, specially if they are older. Then, I think that it is very important to help another people if they are in a country for a trip, for example, and they have a problem. As I have a very big family and we live far away from the other members of our family, I thought that it was very important to be close of our neighborhoods to help and to be helped if we have a problem. So I asked my uncle to develop this app to help. 

We do not use this pandemic for economic benefit. This is the opposite from our convictions because the App wants to help before, now and after the pandemic. Since the beginning we have planned to distribute it for free, always for free. We want only to connect volunteers with their neighborhoods. 

The data sources used are reputable because we asked about their ID card, their email, telephone number and we verify rigorously that all is correct and true. We notify that the help between volunteer and neighborhood must be always free. Our terms of use are accurate to disclaim liability. 

To resume, this app is developed only to help, is free, is philanthropic and it will be used to be close to somebody who needs help, now and after pandemic. 

María Dolores Cabrero Rodríguez-Jalón                  
Dra. en Filología Hispánica